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Scarlattikvarten - a modified Spyder

Scarlattikvarten started life as drawings in Malcolm Tennant's office in New Zealand in the mid-80s. Malcolm Tennant called his design "Spyder". The Spyder was designed to fit the class rules of the International Micro Multihull Class Association. To comply with these rules boats must be trailerable, the max hull length cannot exceed 8 m and there are minimum requirements for accommodation (bunks, headroom et cetera) and stability. The Micro Multihull Class was intended for inshore and coastal racing and cruising – something for ex beach cat and board sailors with a growing interest in cruising but not prepared to give up speed.

The resulting designs are often speedy boats with spartan accommodation – a few narrow bunks and only sitting headroom. Both catamarans and trimarans are popular, and both types have seen commercial production. All Spyders are custom-built so there are not that many. In Sweden, there are only two.

Close-hauled in 10 knots of wind.

Speedy? Speed through the water in this photo is 9–10 knots while close-hauled in some 10 knots of wind. I tack through less than 90 degrees in those conditions, resulting in a VMG of 6–7 knots.

Vital Statistics of Scarlattikvarten




7.94 m


30 sqm


7.65 m


11 sqm


5.54 m


48 sqm


810 kg

Mast height:

12 m


0.25/1.5 m