Tech basics


The Spyder was designed as an inshore/coastal racer to fit the Micro Multihull Class rules. Hence, it carries a fair amount of sail area for its size and weight. The generous overall width and moving the crew to windward generates the stability needed to carry the sails in reasonable winds. She is a bit of an overgrown beach cat when it comes to looks and engineering: Two hulls connected with beams and the 'deck' is soft.

The sail plan is also of beach cat type. The main-sail is fairly large, has a big roach and is hoisted on a spar that can rotate. The jib is non-overlapping. Downwind we carry an asymmetric spinnaker on a 2.4 m long bowsprit. The bowsprit is easily removed for safer harbour manoeuvring.

Leeway is prevented by two deep daggerboards. The rudder blades are also daggers located in transom hung cassettes. The tillers have Ackermann geometry to compensate for the fact that the turning radii of the hulls are different from each other. The tillers are connected by a connection bar.