On trailer behind car

Scarlattikvarten spends the winters on a custom-made trailer. The total tow weight of trailer with boat is some 1100 kg so she is easy to tow behind a mid-size car.

Detail of hull support of trailer

Here is a close-up of the GRP cradle in which the hull rests. This big one is located right under the dagger board case. The centre of gravity of the hull is only slightly forward of this position. Further forward there is a smaller GRP cradle.

Another of the hull cradle on the trailer.

This is another view of the larger cradles.

Beams on trailer between hulls.

Cross beams and other stuff go between the hulls on the trailer.

Hooking up un-loading ramp to trailer

Hooking up the wooden ramps to the trailer.

Empty trailerTrailer rear

Empty trailer.

Covered boat in snowy weather

Winter weather calls for a good cover.