Rig and Sails


Standing rig

This boat is very much an over-sized beach cat when it comes to rig and sail-plan. The mast spar is 'drop-shaped' and rotates around its longitudinal axis to help aerodynamics around the sails. Three-point staying holds it up and there is internal bracing by means of a 'diamond'. The former is very much the same as on beach cats but the latter is more elaborate to increase stability.

The mast spar is an aluminium extrusion and the three-point staying is done with 5 mm, 19-strand stainless wires. The diamond staying is stainless rod. All pretty much old-school but when this rig was engineered and built in the late 1990s, a carbon alternative would have been only 5 kg lighter and much, much more expensive.


Tall, 'square-head' mainsail + non-overlapping jib to windward. No overlapping genoa -- ever. Asymmetric nylon spinnaker (or gennaker or A3 or whatever they are called these days) on a bow-sprit for VMG work down-wind.

Three reef points in the main-sail and a reef in the jib. The storm jib is a mere ~3 sqm.

Materials in mainsail and jib are more current than in the standing rigging. The mainsail is a tri-radial design using a laminate with carbon as the load-bearing fibre. The jib is a moulded build of the 3DL type. Both sails have very stable flying shapes with the carbon-based mainsail being particularly remarkable in this respect.


Click here for a high resolution version of the drawing above.