Site history

Pushing hard during Tjörn Runt 1990.

These pages started life at the turn of the century when I was in charge of the web of a multihull association. One of my ambitions was to highlight several types of sailing multihulls. My own boat represented the coastal racer/cruisers type belonging to the International Micro Multihull class that came to life in the mid 1980s.

A couple of years later, the running of that club web was taken over by people with an agenda quite different from mine.

In early 2004 I got myself a high-speed Internet connection and bundled with it was some space on a server. I up-loaded my Scarlattikvarten stuff there. So far all I had used was basic HTML and frame sets.

In the summer of 2004, I started to learn about CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets). This inspired me to redesign this website. I also added quite a bit of new material.

After that, I made no changes to the typography for many years. I just added new material at a slow pace: updating the list of modifications, adding a page summarizing my experience of and thoughts on trampolines, etc.

The fall of 2017 saw a major revamping of this site. The goal of that was to make it work not only for computer screens but also for smartphones and other devices with small screens. I did so by switching from hand coded HTML and CSS to using a static website generator.

In late 2021 I had to find a new web host as my ISP had got a new owner who decided to close the web hosting that was part of the original deal. This led to some maintenance of the content and structure of this web.