Scarlattikvarten differs from the original Spyder design in a number of ways. Some changes were made when we built the boats and others have been introduced over the years. The following table is a summary of all this.

Major changes and some other 'progress':





Stretched hull aft-body

Longer and straighter run.

Simplified cockpits

Better ergonomics and shorter building time.

Dolphin and seagull strikers.

Simpler and stronger.

Aluminium mast

No time to build wing and lighter

Ackermann tiller geometry

We though this is the way to do it.


Balanced rudders

Ease of helming.


New cross-beams and 0.5 m wider.

Old beams under-engineered.


1 m higher mast.

Got a good deal on a used, higher main.

Assym. spi. on bowsprit.

To fit new rig.


Deeper dagger boards.

Greed for windward speed.


New aluminium mast.

Stronger, lighter, better shape


Dolphin striker replaced by beefed-up laminate on beam.

Convenience on trailer and at mooring.

Apart from this I have tinkered quite a bit with main-sheet and other sail controls. The net effect of all this tinkering and re-engineering is that Scarlattikvarten has gained some 20 kg of all up weight, the up-wind sail area has increase little over 4 sqm and the down-wind area some 10 sqm. The rig is about 1 m higher and the daggerboards are some 25 cm deeper. Top speed is probably lower but average speed and windward capability are definitely better. Above all she is quite a bit sweeter to sail.

A friend of mine commented some years ago that the only parts left from the original boat were the hulls. I had to point out that the boom, the rudder blades and the engine pod also are from 1986.